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Recorded 025
Henry Flynt "Glissando No. 1"

The fifth Henry Flynt CD on Recorded is a masterpiece and quite different from any of his previous releases. The first of two releases documenting the ILLUMINATORY SOUND ENVIRONMENTS project, Glissando is an amazing response to C. C. Hennix's "The Electric Harpsichord" (recently released after decades of obscurity on Die Schatel). Both "Glissando" and "Harpsichord" are attempts to develop a truly hallucinogenic music, driven by the unique sensibilities of philosophers Flynt and Hennix. This is the secret history of experimental music of the 70's, revealing sounds and sensibilities that go beyond minimalism or trance music into something far more serious.

A bonus track on the disk, "Stereo Piano" is a beautiful collaboration between Flynt and Hennix, a standout of tapestry-like-minimalism.

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