Recorded 022
Fuyuki Yamakawa (High Zero 2006): Blackwater Vision Quest
Yamakawa's High Zero solo concert (presented here in its entirety) was a shocking, eerie, mind-blowing experience, during which his massively amplified heartbeat controlled not only the acoustics of the room, but also lights, creating a hallucinogenic stroboscopic cast to the performance. At the high point of this visceral and exalted performance, Yamakawa stopped his heart, using yogic techniques, creating an incredible sense of prolonged time and physical connection with the audience. Throughout the rest of the disk, his throat singing, and use of electronic and acoustic extremes of vocal technique result in highly unusual improvised music with experimental improvisors Jenny Graf, Chiara Giovando, Forbes Graham, Stewart Mostofsky, Michael Muniak, Jackie Stewart, and Baltimore's shockingly talented human beatboxer, Shodekeh.

$14 (plus add $3.00 for postage in the US).