Recorded 016
Tripod Mind

Neil Feather and John Berndt's development of a private musical language as THUS since 1992 is one of the oddest and most under-documented monoliths in experimental music. Building new idioms and approaches on top of an orchestra of invented instruments of their own design, their music is a fertile universe of its own, which, though it will appeal to the avant- and electro-acoustically-inclined, really doesn't sound like anything else. Strings bong in contrary motion, glass rattles in expansive soundscapes, reeds whir with strange doppler effects, and it all hangs together, a cargo cult in reverse, a culture of two.

This first CD documenting the group is culled from a major concert at The Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, and in addition to their exotic orchestra of instruments, also involves TRAD, a computerized circular-panning system that allows the musicians to spin their instruments around the room in varying speeds and directions independantly, which in combination with the museums complex acoustics creates some thrilling psycho-acoustic effects.

$12 (plus add $3.00 for postage in the US). 100% of the profits from this disk go to benefit the yearly HIGH ZERO FESTIVAL in Baltimore (see