Recorded 017
Susan Alcord

A beautiful record documenting the amazing Texan avant-garde string player Susan Alcorn, whose lush, lyrical, fluid sounds have been a focus of great attention in recent years. Here, in classic High Zero style, are documented first collaborations with Karen Stackpole (gongs), Le Quan Ninh (percussion), Joe McPhee (reeds, trumpet), Audrey Chen (cello, voice), Andrea Parkins (keyboards), Todd Whitman (reeds), Jesse Quatro (voice, electronics), and Jason Willett (improvised recording studio).

At times dark and gothic, at others, gorgeous and weird, it is a disk containing some very live music!

$12 (plus add $3.00 for postage in the US). 100% of the profits from this disk go to benefit the yearly HIGH ZERO FESTIVAL in Baltimore (see