Recorded 015
Michael Johnson
Patience Tryouts

The first CD by one of the great minds of North American Experimental music, recorded live at High Zero 2003. Michael Johnson is both hier to the crown of David Tudor (for his incredible investigagtions into live performance of non-linear analog brains of his own creation) and also one of the most distinctive and brilliant improvisors on saw, reed, and other varied gambits. His sensibility is cross-indexed here with some extremely strong flavors: Ricardo Arias (Balloons), John Berndt (inventions, massively amplified typerwriter), Chris Cooper (guitar mutation), Michel Doneda (soprano Sax), Neil Feather (inventions), Katt Hernandez (violin), and Michael Zerang (percussion). The disk is composed from overlaid live performances with brilliant post-performance editing by Chris Cooper, which makes it an entirely unique listening experience.

$12 (plus add $3.00 for postage in the US). 100% of the profits from this disk go to benefit the yearly HIGH ZERO FESTIVAL in Baltimore (see