Recorded 004
Carol Genetti and friends
at the High Zero Festival, 2000

The wild experimental vocalist from Chicago plumbs the depths of seductive and sometimes earsplitting free improvisation with an international range of improvisors Magali Babbin (transducers), John Berndt (reeds, self-built instruments, electronics), John Dierker (bass clarinet), Paul Hoskins (reeds), Jerry Lim (electric Guitar), Catherine Pancake (percussion), Julie Pomerleau (violin), Jon Rose (violin), Jason Willett (electronics) and Jack Wright (reeds).

Genetti ranks with the most accomplished avant-garde vocalists of all time, using the voice in ways which are completely new to music. More than just a great solo album, this record is a great introduction to a cross section of some of the most uncompromising and inspired improvisors that have emerged in recent years.

$12 (plus add $3.00 for postage in the US). 100% of the profits from this disk go to benefit the yearly HIGH ZERO FESTIVAL in Baltimore (see