Recorded 003
Henry Flynt--


"You are my Everlovin'" + "Celestial Power"

Recorded in '80 and '81, two mind-blowing disks delivering flowing, trance-inducing violin solos of extreme beauty and seriousness. In these incredible electronic hillbilly music violin performances, an exalted synthesis of American ethnic music, raga-like lyrical virtuosity, and a deep sensibility takes place--a nod to human culture from the great nihilist philosopher and father of Concept Art. Should be completely world-famous, but only now is this music beginning to the get the attention it deserves. A two-record set of newly re-mastered recordings. (Volumes 2 & 3 of this series have been mastered and will be released in winter and fall of 2001)

"Instead of the bombastic thud of rock, Flynt’s playing included “rollicking”, “forward-sweeping”, flexible rhythms, indivisible by bar lines, creating an expansive, nearly suspended, rolling sense of time."
--Ian Nagoski

DOUBLE CD $20 (plus add $3.00 for postage in the U.S.; $8 outside the U.S.)