Recorded 002
Quartet Improvisations

A crucial record of contemporary free improvisation, with Michael Zerang, Jack Wright, Bob Marsh and John Berndt. Beautifully recorded from a live radio concert, the first meeting of this quartet--very intense and deeply enigmatic, this CD got great reviews when it was released. "Self-generating logics within an eerie environment of mutable sounds and virtuoso extended techniques, like the world-mirage peeling away to reveal the hollow earth beneath."

"...during the final sections, the quartet's performances evolve into something truly special. Berndt and Marsh are at their most flamboyant and attentive during section six. The final fifty minutes illuminate the limitless expressive scope of the acoustic-amplified music interface."

--David Lewis, Cadence


$12 (plus add $3.00 for postage in the US, $8.00 outside the U.S.).