Rec 025 Henry Flynt: Glissando No. 1
Rec 024 High Zero Festival 10th Anniversary DVD/CD Packadge (2008)
Rec 023 Christine Sehnaoui (High Zero 2006): A Second Shadow
Rec 022 Fuyuki Yamakawa (High Zero 2006): Blackwater Vision Quest
Rec 021 Henry Flynt (New American Ethnic Music Vol. 4): Ascent to the Sun
Rec 020 Scott Moore and Friends (High Zero 2005): Palatially Palpable
Rec 019 Phil Minton and Friends (High Zero 2005): The Enigma Carols
Rec 018 THUS: Tripod Mind
Rec 017 Susan Alcorn and Friends (High Zero 2004): CONCENTRATION
Rec 016 Todd Whitman and Friends (High Zero 2004): Zepplins Erste Grosse Fahrt
Rec 015 Michael Johnson and Friends (High Zero 2003): Patience Tryouts
Rec 014 Paolo Angeli and Friends (High Zero 2003): Mede
Rec 013 Andrew Hayleck: The Disappearing Floor
Rec 012 Neil Feather and Friends (High Zero 2002): Roto-Melon
Rec 011 Oleyumi Thomas and friends (High Zero 2002): Before The Beginning
Rec 010 Ian Nagoski: Effortless Battle
Rec 009 Jack Wright and Friends (High Zero 2001): Open Wide
Rec 008 Katt Hernandez and Friends (High Zero 2001) The Long Awaited Etcetera...
Rec 007 Henry Flynt (New American Ethnic Music Vol. 3): Hillbilly Tape Music
Rec 006 Henry Flynt (New American Ethnic Music vol. 2): Spindizzy
Rec 005 Joe McPhee and friends (High Zero 2000): "Mr. Peabody Goes to Baltimore"
Rec 004 Carol Genetti and Friends (High Zero 2000): The shattering
Rec 003 Henry Flynt (Vol. 1): New American Ethnic Music
Rec 002 That Nothing is Known (self-titled)
Rec 001 The Recordings: <<Recordings>>


"Field Recordings" Series:
Uncharacteristic, singular works by amazing musicians from Baltimore of lasting interest, produced for this series.

Jewel-case CD-R with b/w booklet & CD label art.

FR 001 Neil Feather: Revalation of an Anaplumb
FR 002 Evan Rapport: The Destruction of Evan Rapport (multi-reed solos)
FR 003 Tom Boram: Guitar Heroics, Volume Zero
FR 004 THUS: The Hermenutic Ubernmenschen... Sing! (Former Guitar Duos)
FR 005 NerveGang: In a Human Mood

"Urban Delerious " Series:
Fantastic documents of improvised music of lasting value, with great recording quality and strong personalities. These should all come out as CD's--we simply lack the funds to produce them in quantity.

Plastic sleave CD-Rs with color booklet & stamped CD.

UD 001 Death in the Maze: Accidental Ritual
UD 002 THUS: Potrzebie

All CD-Rs are $6 + $2 shipping per disk.

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